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Monasch by Best Wool presents a new series of woollen rugs inspired by the four elements of ancient Greek philosophy. As such, this collection is a modern-day depiction of earth, water, fire, and air. The result is Dutch Design at its best, with a rich gradation of colours and produced thanks to innovative production techniques. The world premiere of Elements will take place at Masterly Dutch in Milano.

Dutch Design by Kranen/Gille

Monasch by Best Wool collaborated with Dutch designers Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille on the development of Elements. The successful designers duo together with Monasch’s development department headed by Frank Conrad, is drawing the signature for this collection. This signature is being created on the basis of craftsmanship leading to  innovative and contemporary design.

Perfect imperfection

What makes the Elements collection stand out, besides the collaboration with Kranen/Gille, is the method in which the perfection of nature is captured within the wool. It appears as if the four elements have been transformed by an artist’s hand into designs which are suitable for the tufts comprising the rugs. This technique is built on the presence of relatively linear patterns with a certain regularity. Yet, the rugs have an incredibly dynamic, sometimes whimsical and imperfect look which gives them a natural and powerful appearance. It is like the work of an impressionist that uses streaks, dots and lines to visualize earth, water, fire, or air on a canvas. This stylish collection depicts earth’ as ‘Night on Earth’, ‘water’ as ‘Poolside Gossip’, ‘, ‘fire’ as ‘Stretched Heat’, and ‘air’ as ‘Air on Strings’

Inspired by nature’s perfection

Nature’s perfection is astounding. Naturally occurring materials are incredibly versatile. Wool is a perfect example of this. In addition to its pure and authentic look, wool also offers functional benefits related to health, safety and comfort.

Health and sustainability as elementary values

Elements represents the values of the Monasch brand with regard to health, sustainability, and circularity. Monasch’s rugs are extremely comfortable and sustainable. Furthermore, every Monasch rug is produced with the circular Niaga® technology. This enables the polyester backing to be easily decoupled from the woollen pile so that both layers can be recycled.

About Monasch

Monasch by Best Wool is a subsidiary of Best Wool Carpets in Best the Netherlands. This leading manufacturer started producing woollen carpets and rugs in 1982, both for private and professional use. In short time, the Monasch selection is commonly considered one of the most beautiful wool carpet collections available. Please meet this young and circular design brand at Masterly Dutch, in Palazzo Turati, Via Meravigli, 9/b, 20123 Milan, booth 13.

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About Kranen/Gille

After graduating at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2004 both Kranen and Gille, who found recognition in each other’s work, initially went their own way. When the two met again in 2006  they started working on a project to be shown at 2007’s Salone Del Mobile in Milan. After this presentation Kranen/Gille came to life as a studio, working on follow up projects to be shown at fairs such as Design Miami and PAD London. Now years later, Kranen/Gille will be back in Milan, to present the new Elements collection, a collaboration with Monasch by Best Wool.

The design process


To celebrate the premiere of Elements, Kranen/Gille we will be present in Milan on Sunday 5th September and Monday 6th September between 14.00 and 16.00 hrs.