Where to find the Elements designer collection?

Elements is, in various ways, very special to me. Like every Monasch rug it represents nearly 40 years of wool expertise, innovation, and craftsmanship. We have taken this to the next level by challenging Dutch designers Kranen/Gille and our in-house development team. The result, as you will experience, is a magnificent foursome that pays tribute to the classical Greek concept of earth, water, fire, and air. A colourful masterpiece in four parts that celebrates all we have to offer as the leading circular wool rug company that we are today.

Yvar Monasch
CEO Monasch by BestWool

Without an elementary understanding of the tufting process it is impossible to develop a suitable design – Kranen/Gille
Credit to Kranen/Gille for their adaptiveness and ability to go beyond traditional design paths. That was the key to the success of this cooperation – Frank Conrad

Circularity is elementary

Every Monasch rug is designed to be circular. The Elements woolen rugs are manufactured with the Niaga® technology. This enables the polyester backing to be easily decoupled from the woollen pile so that both layers can be recycled. Once a rug from the Elements collection has reached the end of its life, Monasch by Best Wool will take it back so that valuable components can be reused as raw material.

The partnership with Niaga® empowers our ambition on sustainability, in which we take responsibility for the entire life cycle of our products.

Reflecting the Monasch brand

Elements stands for the vision of the Monasch brand that embraces challenges. It is by this vision that the Monasch rug collection nowadays is considered to be one of the most beautiful available. Elevated by stunning design and innovative production techniques, every Monasch rug is truly an interior treasure.

Elements reflects high quality Dutch-designed rugs including all benefits that wool incorporates, like a healthy living and sleeping environment. We use the finest New Zealand ZQ certified wool, durable and traceable to source and with respect for nature. We personally visit our New Zealand wool partners to learn about their strategy in challenging wool growers to go beyondsustainability. We work closely with them to ensure quality standards and continually improve our performance.

Traceable and ethical wool sourced from ZQ farms to ensure animal welfare and respect for the environment

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