Stretched Heat

How do you make a rug look hot? Of course, the name Stretched Heat helps, but that is just a description of what this warm-blooded beauty promises. This particular rug embodies layered experience in red, yellow, and other seductive hues. A heated composition that might set fire to the idea that it is inspired by lava or flaming charcoal. Well, to be honest … those were the inspirational sources indeed.

The choice is yours

M (cm)L (cm)XL (cm)XXL (cm)
CircleØ 200Ø 300Ø 350Ø 400
Organic 1200x267300x400400x534
Organic 2200x300300x400400x600


Kanaaldijk 3
5683 CR Best
The Netherlands

+31 499 745090

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