Night on Earth

Imagine looking down on earth from a great distance when the sun has set. What will you see? Colourful flairs of light might indicate an urban settlement. Maybe rays or beams of light are travelling in high speed as if they are in a state of static motion. After all, it is night time. But even in its darkness, the night on earth is as vibrant as life itself. Intangible yet clear, structured yet chaotic and above all: attracting. This rug will never fail to capture your admiration.

The choice is yours

M (cm)L (cm)XL (cm)XXL (cm)
CircleØ 200Ø 300Ø 350Ø 400
Organic 1200x267300x400400x534
Organic 2200x300300x400400x600


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5683 CR Best
The Netherlands

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