Poolside Gossip

If the great impressionists could paint in wool, this is how they probably would express their concept of water. And that is more or less how this rug is designed. It is, however, not the composition that adds the captivating effect of Poolside Gossip. Innovative techniques were used to create the sense of depth this rug clearly radiates. So whenever you are near a pool in the company of people, bring to mind the story of this rug. Small talk will never be a big deal again.

The choice is yours

M (cm)L (cm)XL (cm)XXL (cm)
CircleØ 200Ø 300Ø 350Ø 400
Organic 1200x267300x400400x534
Organic 2200x300300x400400x600


Kanaaldijk 3
5683 CR Best
The Netherlands

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